PCT Mile One

How to Survive Your First Day on the PCT

This post was first featured on Appalachian Trials

People say the first step of any journey is always the hardest. Not for me, the hardest step on my journey was around mile 1016 when I misjudged my footing on a snowdrift and slid 100 metres down the side of a mountain. But for most people … taking that initial step is the hardest part.

Embarking on your first thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail is a daunting prospect. You’re most likely excited and terrified, both itching to begin your adventure yet simultaneously dreading the day it comes around. Read more

Post-Trail Depression

Post-Trail Depression and Nostalgia for the PCT

I’ve been off-trail for almost two months now and my initial thoughts about being back in the “real” world have somewhat changed. On returning I was so glad to be home, seeing my friends and family and getting back into a comfortable routine.

But once the initial relief wore off I very quickly found myself perpetually staring out the window at distant hills, wishing I was back on the trail; looking up at the sky and reminiscing about the long, hot days and the short, freezing nights. The trail has created such a huge disconnect between my body and my mind that while physically I’m back home, my thoughts are still lingering somewhere in the Sierra Nevada, struggling to catch up. Read more