Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc Day 4: Refugio Bonatti to La Fouly

We left the refuge right after breakfast. It was a struggle to pry ourselves away from the cozy, warm interior but the bright sunshine was beckoning. For the first time since I started, all my clothes were dry. Although the sun was shining it was freezing cold but I was just glad there was no rain and the mountainous views were finally visible. This was to be the most stunning day so far.

We followed a nice, easy ridge contouring the slopes for a couple of miles before making our way right down to the valley bottom. Today would be be a much shorter day than the last few had been – just 13 miles with only one big climb. I’m on track to finish on Saturday so I can take it a bit easier now. Read more

Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc Day 3: Lac Combal to Refugio Bonatti

I was shocked when I woke up to see that it was actually sunny outside. It was still freezing cold this early in the morning but I packed up my tent and wolfed down my breakfast (I’ve bought an industrial-sized sack of croissants to last me the whole week) so I could get as much walking as possible done while it was sunny. Read more

Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc Day 2: Nant Borrant to Lac Combal

Today was one of the most difficult and exciting days of hiking I’ve ever done. A real change from the straightforward hiking of yesterday.

I set off early from the refuge as I knew it would be a long day. I was aiming to reach Lac Combal (I love camping by lakes) which was about 20 miles ahead with some difficult terrrain in between. Read more

Tour du Mont Blanc

A Spontaneous Adventure in the Alps

Spontaneous adventures are the best adventures.

That’s why tomorrow morning I’m flying out to the Swiss Alps to begin a 110-mile trek through the mountains.

I am leaving one job today and in ten days time I am starting another. In the meantime I’m faced with a nine-day stretch completely devoid of any commitments, stress or responsibility. To make the most of the free time I have left, I have decided to fill it with one last medium-sized adventure while I still can.

I had to find a trek I could complete in under a week. Something easy to get to but not too close to home. Something with mountains. Something challenging but also an established route I can follow to minimise planning.

After a thorough seven minutes of research I settled on the Tour du Mont Blanc. Read more