London to Paris

London to Paris by Bike: A Three Day Microadventure

It’s been four months since my last adventure.

It was a year ago – almost to the day – that I was standing at the Mexican border ready to walk the 2650 miles north to Canada. Since then I’ve had a few small trips, but with the combination of winter laziness, absence of money and work-based fatigue it’s all gone a bit downhill. The start of 2018 has featured a real absence of adventure, and I’m going through the usual withdrawal symptoms.

Time to do something about it. Read more

On Adventure, Failure and Disappointment

On Failure, Disappointment and Adventure

What do you do when the big adventure you’ve been planning for years turns out to be a failure?

I recently wrote about a trip I took to Norway to climb to the famous rock formation Trolltunga in the heart of the Norwegian winter. The trip was a failure. Read more

Explore 2016

Explore 2016: The Highlights

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend Explore 2016, an annual fieldwork and expedition planning that takes place at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington, London.

The aim of Explore is to inspire and inform, helping people to undertake their own expeditions and field research with a purpose, in order to learn more about the world and its people. Read more