PCT bear

Animals on the PCT

Some of my favourite memories and experiences from the PCT were the friends I made. Some of these friends were human; many of them were not. The animals on the Pacific Crest Trail are a huge part of the wilderness experience, and by the time I reached Canada, filhy, feral and famished, I was one of them.

Spending five months walking 2650 miles through a huge variety of different terrains, you are bound to run into a huge range of different wildlife. I saw so many different animals on the Pacific Crest Trail, and while most of them were friendly, others made me fear for my life (and food).  Read more

Pacific Crest Trail Mount Rainier

Some Pacific Crest Trail FAQs: Part 1

Whenever the topic of my hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is brought up in conversation, it usually generates a mixed response. People generally think it’s a really amazing thing to do and wish me the best of luck with my adventure but other, less positive people are incredulous and can’t believe I would be doing such a thing. I love talking about it but I do find I get asked a lot of strange questions, most recently by my barber who was overly fascinated  by how I’m going to get my hair cut while I’m out there. I am asked a lot of the same things over and over again and therefore I’ve decided to write a post with some answers to the most commonly asked questions I get about my PCT hike. So here are my Pacific Crest Trail FAQs: Read more

Bears on the Pacific Crest Trail

Bears on the Pacific Crest Trail

Amongst all the things that might kill me on the PCT (mountain lions, hypothermia, lightning …) the one thing people most frequently ask me about is bears.

“Are there bears on the Pacific Crest Trail?”

“What are you going to do if you come across a bear?”

“Have you seen this hilarious video of a bear ripping a guy’s face off?” Read more