Pacific Crest Trail Signs

Signs of the Pacific Crest Trail

Looking back through my photos from my Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike in 2016, one thing that stood out is how many photos I took of signs. Whether it’s trail markers, navigational signposts or just some illegible scrawlings on a tree, there’s plenty of reading material for hikers making their way north. Some of them were hilarious, some of them motivating and some of them pretty bizarre, but this collection of weird and wonderful signs pieced together give a surprisingly accurate representation of the experience of hiking the trail.

These are the signs that caught my eye enough for me to get my camera out:


One down


Only 2643 miles to go


Beware of unexploded bombs…


…and unfriendly weed farmers


Winter is coming


Slightly closer


A quick McDetour


I thought this said Bladderpoo


The strangest place on earth


Not a real hotel


Not a real jail or gun shop either


The end of the desert


I love an active bear


Extreme danger


On top of Mount Whitney


Suns out, thumbs out


End of the Sierras


Lovely bit of trail magic


It was a good stick, RIP


Minimun fine


Permit required to enter the wilderness

Pacific Crest Trail Signs




Good luck out there


Butte County


Yes please


Anti-government protests in Seiad Valley


Finally, the end of California


Two-thirds done!


Who doesn’t want to live in Rim Village?


The Oregon/Washington high point


Please talk to horses


Entering Yakama Indian Reservation


So close


It’s all over…


You can read more about my Pacific Crest Trail journey here:

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