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The 40 Highlights of the Pacific Crest Trail

If you picked up a map of the Pacific Crest Trail, stuck a pin in completely at random and then teleported to that spot on the trail, there is a 100% chance the location in which you materialised would be one of the most beautiful places you’ve ever seen in your life. From beginning to end, every inch of that 2650-mile trail is filled with mind-blowing scenery and unreal landscapes of all description. Each day you spend on the trail you see something that marks itself indelibly on your brain and leaves its footprints in your mind for years to come. 

Despite the fact that every PCT hiker walks the exact same strip of trail, no two thru-hikes are the same. Hundreds of factors – the time of year, the weather, the people you’re or even whether or not you had your coffee that morning – shape your experience and enjoyment of each part of the trail. Any hiker you asked would rattle off a completely different list of their own personal highlights. It’s difficult to split such a monumental life experience down into a few select best bits, but there were some standout locations that I will never forget.

 Here are my top 40 favourite places on the Pacific Crest Trail, in pictures:

1. The Southern Terminus/Mexican Border


2. Warner Meadows


3. Eagle Rock


4. San Jacinto Wilderness


5. Deep Creek Hot Springs


6. Cajon Pass (the infamous PCT McDonalds)


7. Mount Baden-Powell


8. Vasquez Rocks


9. Hiker Town


10. The Mojave Desert


11. The Lupine Meadows near Walker Pass


12. Kennedy Meadows

13. Mount Whitney


14. Forester Pass


15. Kearsarge Lakes


16. Rae Lakes


17. Muir Pass


18. Evolution Basin


19. Yosemite National Park


20. Sonora Pass


21. The Benson Hut


22. The BEST milkshake in the world at Caribou Crossroads in Belden


23. The halfway point


24. Subway Cave


25. Hat Creek Rim


26. The Three Devils


27. The Oregon border


28. Crater Lake


29. The Oregon Skyline Trail


30. The Three Sisters Wilderness


31. Mount Jefferson


32. Olallie Lake


33. Timberline Lodge


34. Tunnel Falls


35. Bridge of the Gods


36. Goat Rocks Wilderness


37. Mount Rainier


38. Glacier Peak Wilderness


39. Cutthroat Pass


40. The Northern Terminus/Canadian Border


These were my top 40 Pacific Crest Trail highlights. Read about my 2016 PCT thru-hike here, and you can continue to follow my adventures on Instagram.

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