Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2650 mile hiking trail spanning the United States from Mexico to Canada. Starting at the southern US border, it stretches through California, Oregon and Washington to finally reach its terminus at Manning Park in British Columbia.

In April 2016 I set out to hike the entirety of the trail, from Campo at the Mexican border right the way up to Canada. This took me exactly 135 days – my progress hastened by incoming winter weather and am expiring US visa.

I underwent this adventure of behalf of the mental health charity SANE, raising funds and building awareness of mental illness throughout my walk. I ended up raising well over £3000

This site details my pre-trail preparation and my day-by-day progress along the way. You can read about my journey here.

For information about my preparation and equipment, check out the following pages:


Pacific Crest Trail Info:

    • Location: California / Oregon / Washington, USA / British Columbia, Canada
    • Length: 2,663 mi (4,286 km)
    • Southern Terminus: Campo, California
    • Northern Terminus: Manning Park, British Columbia
    • Highest Point: Forester Pass, 4,009 m, (13,153 ft)
    • Lowest Point: Cascade Locks, 43 m, 140 ft
    • Elevation Change: 128,284 m, 420,880 ft

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