Raising £3000 for Mental Health on the Pacific Crest Trail

Today is World Mental Health Day, a day raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and driving efforts in support of mental health. I thought it was appropriate for this to be the last day I will be accepting donations for SANE mental health charity for my walk from Mexico to Canada.

I raised well over £3000 on the Pacific Crest Trail, absolutely smashing my initial target of £2650 – £1 a mile. I’m really proud of the huge amount I’ve raised and extremely grateful to everyone who has helped me to get there. SANE is a fantastic charity who, as well as providing support for mental illness sufferers, do a huge amount to raise awareness and challenge discrimination and stigma around mental illness. Read more

SANE - Pacific Crest Trail 2016

Walking from Mexico to Canada for Mental Health

With just over a month to go, plans are well underway for my 2016 Pacific Crest Trail hike from Mexico to Canada. My US visa has been issued, I’ve received my permit to enter Canada and I now have most of my gear.

My fundraising – to raise money for the mental health charity SANE – has been incredibly successful so far. Thanks to the amazing help of everyone who has donated I was able to reach my initial target of £1000 after only a couple of months. As a result I have decided to increase my fundraising goal to £2650, one pound for every mile I will be walking along the trail. I am almost halfway to this target but there is still a long way to go! Read more

SANE - Pacific Crest Trail 2016

Raising Money for SANE – Pacific Crest Trail 2016

By walking from Mexico to Canada this summer I aim to raise upwards of £1000 (hopefully a lot more!) for the mental health charity SANE, as well as boosting awareness of mental illness and the incredible work SANE do.

When I initially came up with the idea of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, the thought of doing it for charity hadn’t yet crossed my mind. I found out about the trail online, and after some research I thought the idea of spending 6 months walking from Mexico to Canada sounded like a fun thing to do. Yet I was asked by so many people (who couldn’t believe I would gain enjoyment from such a thing) whether I was doing it for charity that I decided that there was no reason not to! Apparently the satisfaction of crossing an entire country aided by nothing by my own two feet was not a good enough reason to justify my trip. Read more