En Route to San Diego!

After about 3 years of talking about it, the time has finally come for me to start my 6 month walk from Mexico to Canada.

At 3.30 this afternoon my flight to San Diego will take off and there will be no turning back.  Read more

One week to go!

There’s under a week left to go until I am standing at the Mexican border about to hike 2650 miles across America. I should probably be feeling more nervous than I am, but it hasn’t fully sunk in yet and I think I’m still in denial that after all these years of planning my Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike, it’s actually happening.

Most of my preparation for my hike is complete but there are still some last minute things I need to sort out before I am fully ready to embark on this 6 month adventure. Read more

Curbar Edge

PCT Practice Hike 2: Back to The Peak District

With two weeks left until our departure for the US, we decided one final practice hike was in order. We needed to both test out the remainder of our gear and ensure that being in such close proximity for 6 months on the trail won’t result in us killing each other/ourselves.

We chose Bakewell in the Peak District as our hiking location, with no reason behind this choice other than it was a place we’d both heard of. After calling several campsites which told me they weren’t taking tents due to recent bad weather and flooding – a good sign – we booked two nights at the Beech Croft Farm campsite just outside Bakewell. Read more

Pacific Crest Trail Mount Rainier

Some Pacific Crest Trail FAQs: Part 1

Whenever the topic of my hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is brought up in conversation, it usually generates a mixed response. People generally think it’s a really amazing thing to do and wish me the best of luck with my adventure but other, less positive people are incredulous and can’t believe I would be doing such a thing. I love talking about it but I do find I get asked a lot of strange questions, most recently by my barber who was overly fascinated  by how I’m going to get my hair cut while I’m out there. I am asked a lot of the same things over and over again and therefore I’ve decided to write a post with some answers to the most commonly asked questions I get about my PCT hike. So here are my Pacific Crest Trail FAQs: Read more

Pacific Crest Trail Permit

How to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail: PCT Permits

You’d think hiking from Mexico to Canada would be as simple as getting to the border and heading north, but for what is essentially a long walk there is a surprising amount of paperwork involved. Read more

SANE - Pacific Crest Trail 2016

Walking from Mexico to Canada for Mental Health

With just over a month to go, plans are well underway for my 2016 Pacific Crest Trail hike from Mexico to Canada. My US visa has been issued, I’ve received my permit to enter Canada and I now have most of my gear.

My fundraising – to raise money for the mental health charity SANE – has been incredibly successful so far. Thanks to the amazing help of everyone who has donated I was able to reach my initial target of £1000 after only a couple of months. As a result I have decided to increase my fundraising goal to £2650, one pound for every mile I will be walking along the trail. I am almost halfway to this target but there is still a long way to go! Read more

Chemin de la Mâture, Pyrenees

Ultralight Backpacking on the PCT

When you’re walking 2650 miles, bringing the wrong equipment is a great way to ensure failure. Yet while you don’t want to be unprepared, it’s always a good idea to reduce your pack weight where possible. This doesn’t mean that you should throw away your first aid kit, second water bottle and toilet paper for the sake of an easier hike, but it’s definitely worth looking at your gear before you set out and deciding whether it’s all really necessary. Read more

Summit of Mam Tor

PCT Practice Hike 1: The Peak District

With less than two months to go before my Pacific Crest Trail start date (April 24th), the time for preparing is quickly running out. Since I hadn’t done any serious walking in the last 6 months, I decided a practice hike was in order. It would give me a chance to remember what it’s like to not sit at a desk for 8 hours a day while at the same time testing out some of my new gear before the big day arrives. Read more

Bears on the Pacific Crest Trail

Bears on the Pacific Crest Trail

Amongst all the things that might kill me on the PCT (mountain lions, hypothermia, lightning …) the one thing people most frequently ask me about is bears.

“Are there bears on the Pacific Crest Trail?”

“What are you going to do if you come across a bear?”

“Have you seen this hilarious video of a bear ripping a guy’s face off?” Read more

Blogging on the PCT

Blogging on the PCT

Despite my best efforts to bring my pack weight down, I have decided to make life on the Pacific Crest Trail a whole lot harder for myself by bringing about 3kg worth of technology, solely for the purpose of writing and maintaining a blog that probably only my family will bother reading.

The majority of my research for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail has involved reading endless blogs from hikers of previous years. The last couple of years I have followed a number of PCT bloggers, keeping up to date with their progress and getting a snapshot into their life on the trail. The one thing that fascinates me is how even though they’re all walking the same path at the same time of year, they have such distinct experiences and face their own unique challenges which make each hike completely different. Read more