Tour du Mont Blanc

A Spontaneous Adventure in the Alps

Spontaneous adventures are the best adventures.

That’s why tomorrow morning I’m flying out to the Swiss Alps to begin a 110-mile trek through the mountains.

I am leaving one job today and in ten days time I am starting another. In the meantime I’m faced with a nine-day stretch completely devoid of any commitments, stress or responsibility. To make the most of the free time I have left, I have decided to fill it with one last medium-sized adventure while I still can.

I had to find a trek I could complete in under a week. Something easy to get to but not too close to home. Something with mountains. Something challenging but also an established route I can follow to minimise planning.

After a thorough seven minutes of research I settled on the Tour du Mont Blanc.


The Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is a 110-mile hiking route in the Alps circling the Mont Blanc massif. It passes through three countries – France, Switzerland and Italy – features 6.2 miles of ascent and at its highest point reaches an altitude of 2665 metres.

It met all my criteria. The more I read about it the more perfect it seemed. My initial concern was that it’s a fairly popular route in summer so might end up being a bit of a hiker superhighway. But luckily I’ll be walking it at just the right time of year. There is still heavy snow on a lot of the passes and most of the refuges in the mountains are closed until the middle of June. This means that – hopefully – I should have the trail entirely to myself.



My extensive preparation routine consisted of buying some maps and booking a return flight to Geneva. Done.

Wikipedia – that ever-reliable source of information – suggests a period of 10-11 days to complete the hike but I’m optimistic I can complete it in seven. In fact I have no choice but to do so. This means I will have to average approximately 16 miles a day which, if I pack ultralight and don’t injure myself, shouldn’t be a problem.

I won’t have internet access for the duration of my journey. So by the time I publish the next post, I will either have successfully completed the Tour du Mont Blanc or failed miserably.

Until then, wish me luck!

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